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Earlier this year I decided to become more involved in my local community as well as do what I have always wanted to do more of, review restaurants and other places I have had the pleasure of enjoying or not ūüėČ

Becoming a local guide on google plus has been easy and fun, most of the images have been taken with my iPhone, in particular images of local restaurants and shops.  Landscape images tend to be taken with my Nikon D800.  Encouraged to keep on

California Desert

On our way back from AZ we decided to pull over on the side of the road to take in this sight.  Always kind of wanted to but never knew we actually could.  It was strangely peaceful, yet if you listened closely enough you could hear the swoosh in the distance.

barnhart photography

Ilona Barnhart


Nothing beats driving down the west coast in a convertible. Beauty on all sides.

To see and perceive the changing of the leaves can be taken for granted. Living in sunny California we don’t get this phenomenon like we did in Chicago. Take a minute, breathe the fresh air and soak in those colors for the short time you have to do so. It is such a wonderful sight!

Carlsbad State Beach

I will never tire of beach engagements!  As we waited for Linnie and Samuel we shoot around and soaked up the sun at Carlsbad State Beach.
Beach BirdsLife Guard towerYogi at Carlsbad State beachfall in hereCarlsbad State Beach

Photographing a fellow photog is the best ever! ¬†Many times engagements help the photographer as well as the couple get familiar and for the couple to become comfortable having a camera around so during the big day it’s no big thang. ¬†But these two are naturals totally themselves¬†in front of a camera, so fun and easy going!

Gray diamond ring

beautiful gray diamond! well done Samuel!

Spin Record Store

When Linnie suggested going to the Spin Records store we were all about it! ¬†Can’t wait to share more of their engagement soon.

KISS Record

Best way to ring in 30 in my opinion! Janet’s Montana cafe was bomb the cold morning after, and who says it never rains in California? I got proof we have seasons and that it rains ‚ėĒÔłŹ

Paso Picacho Campground in Descanso, CA REI Tent and gear
Janet  Alpine, CA

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.” – J.R.R. Tolkien

b.p is our take on this thing called life. ¬†a blend of two voices help together by a shared zest for life and each other with a passion to make others happy. ¬†here’s to something fresh


Dust is not your friend

Take extra care when scanning negatives – it will save you so much time – imagine what you would do with all that extra time



Celebrated our 6th anniversary with friends + shopping + hawks playoffs

As long as we’re together, there’s no place I’d rather be




zBooth¬†finally made its way ¬†into Oceanside’s sunset market! After a longtime coming it felt great to get out and meet a bunch of new people and have fun taking some awesome Photobooth pictures. We shall be back!

It’s true we follow the sun; one of the most compelling reasons for our move to San Diego’s North County at the beginning of 2014. ¬†Hands down, sunsets may be the most unique & breathtaking moment of the day if you have the time to soak one in. ¬†On one of our trips, actually for Brian’s golden birthday in April of 2010 we travelled to Hawaii, as we drove, somewhere on Kawaii’s windy roads, we noticed a great deal of cars pulled over on one of the mountain’s many look outs, and decided to follow suite. ¬†As it turned out, many of the islands visitors had decided to stop & ravel at one of natures most incredible sights.

Fascinating isn’t it? The first image was taken shortly after we moved in January & the second at the beginning of April. ¬†A new phenomena we get to experience & capture ~ the sun dancing on the landscape never repeating its movements


Here comes the sun, here comes the sun…

& I say let’s have an elegant & intimate beach wedding


Night falls at Oceanside Pier as we stroll along the beach

Super blessed to have such a stunning backyard


One graduate’s feelings about his accomplishment!

We tip our hats to you Anthony & your achievement, may this life always be filled with such milestones for you


John Hancock casts a mad shadow over Lake Michigan

A beautiful city from any angle


“…I’m sure gonna love you like nobody ever has…” ~ Song for Sweet Thing by Antony & the Tramps

I chose these words for several reasons: 1.¬†It’s a song about falling in love ¬†2. Sweet Thing was written by Antony ¬†3. Sweet Thing refers to Megan ¬†4. Megan & Antony are¬†two musically inclined souls¬†utterly sweet and devoted to one another

Ultimately, simple words to capture the simple kind of life filled with the sweetest kind of love