Carlsbad State Beach + Spin Records

Carlsbad State Beach

I will never tire of beach engagements!  As we waited for Linnie and Samuel we shoot around and soaked up the sun at Carlsbad State Beach.
Beach BirdsLife Guard towerYogi at Carlsbad State beachfall in hereCarlsbad State Beach

Photographing a fellow photog is the best ever!  Many times engagements help the photographer as well as the couple get familiar and for the couple to become comfortable having a camera around so during the big day it’s no big thang.  But these two are naturals totally themselves in front of a camera, so fun and easy going!

Gray diamond ring

beautiful gray diamond! well done Samuel!

Spin Record Store

When Linnie suggested going to the Spin Records store we were all about it!  Can’t wait to share more of their engagement soon.

KISS Record