Star Gazers

It’s true we follow the sun; one of the most compelling reasons for our move to San Diego’s North County at the beginning of 2014.  Hands down, sunsets may be the most unique & breathtaking moment of the day if you have the time to soak one in.  On one of our trips, actually for Brian’s golden birthday in April of 2010 we travelled to Hawaii, as we drove, somewhere on Kawaii’s windy roads, we noticed a great deal of cars pulled over on one of the mountain’s many look outs, and decided to follow suite.  As it turned out, many of the islands visitors had decided to stop & ravel at one of natures most incredible sights.

Fascinating isn’t it? The first image was taken shortly after we moved in January & the second at the beginning of April.  A new phenomena we get to experience & capture ~ the sun dancing on the landscape never repeating its movements